The Benefits of Flyscreens to Your Australian Home

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Fly screens, also known as insect screens, bug screens, window screens and wire mesh come in handy every year for Mandurah and Rockingham residents living near the water who face swarms of flies each summer. While their main use is to keep insects and bugs out of your home, flyscreens can offer even more benefits to your property. If protecting your children and securing your home from burglars is a priority of yours, you can do both while also keeping the bugs out with a premium made fly screen designed by our expert team here at Rockingham Home Security. 

Learn more about the numerous benefits flyscreens can provide to your Australian home below:

1. Keep pests out 

Perth is one of the most beautiful, diverse and scenic states in Australia. With the beautiful beachy coasts and bounding wildlife, it’s hard to find something not to love. Unfortunately, there is one pest about the warm state. Flies. March flies, Blow flies, Stable flies and House flies are among the most common. Flies are drawn to warm, wet areas which isn’t great news for Mandurah and Rockingham residents living right on the water. 

According to the Western Australian department of Health, the best way to protect your home from all flies, particularly the dangerous March fly, is by screening all doors and windows. It’s important to install an effective and durable flyscreen Mandurah and Rockingham residents recommend. 

 2. Protect your children

While fly screens are primarily used to keep insects and bugs out of your home, they’re also a great security asset for when you need to keep your children safe and secure inside your home. Each year, more and more young children sustain injuries from falling through windows or running out unsecured doors and onto the road. It’s so easy for a child or a pet to go wandering and find themselves in a dangerous situation if their environment isn’t secured. 

Here at Rockingham Home Security, our flys screens are made from high quality metal wire, fibreglass or some other synthetic fibre and then encased in a wooden or aluminium frame, a design that prioritises strength and durability that will keep your family safe for years to come. 

Here, you can learn a little more about how insect screens can be beneficial for children and pets.

3. Protect your home from burglars 

If you’re searching for home security products in Rockingham, consider installing fly screens. Fly screens not only keep the flies out but also burglars. Fly screens are growing in their popularity to provide home owners with an added sense of security and prevent home invasions. Fly screens provide a strong defence against forced entry along with deterring opportunistic thieves who are looking for an easy way to break into a property. 

According to crime statistics from the WA police, there have already been over 92,000 burglaries in Perth in 2022, and we’re only half way through the year. It’s been proven that installing fly screens in your home significantly reduces the likelihood of a burglar entering your home and stealing your belongings. 

4. Allow air circulation in your home 

Due to their smart, perforated mesh design, fly screens provide a closed entry to your home while still allowing air flow. The airflow through your security doors provides increased ventilation and circulation, ensuring a clean supply of air through your home. Fresh air is crucial for good physical and mental health. Stagnant and stale air provides an unhealthy area for bacteria to breed while also keeping unhealthy chemicals and gases locked inside your home. Along with bacteria, lack of airflow can also bring mould growth into your home. 

Keep your loved ones feeling fresh, healthy and happier whilst avoiding the risk of bacteria and mould growth in your home with a fly screen. 

5. Maintain privacy 

Similar to tinted windows on a car, flyscreens allow residents to look out of their windows and doors without being worried about passersby looking in. If you enjoy a little light in your home but don’t wish for your neighbours or people walking past to look in, fly screens are a great solution. This may be a minor detail, but it provides a noticeable difference to homeowners who value their privacy. 

Here at Rockingham Home Security, we have over 40 years of experience in providing flyscreens to residents in the Rockingham, Mandurah and Peel regions, known among our customers as the go-to flyscreen people. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help come up with the ideal flyscreen solution for your specific needs.If you’re looking for protection against insects, want to add another layer of security to your property or simply want to enjoy fresh air in the privacy of your own home, Call Rockingham Home Security today.

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