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Electrical Services Rockingham Homeowners and Businesses Trust

Rockingham Home Security not only provide top quality security systems and products in Rockingham, Mandurah, and the surrounding area, but we also offer electrical services Rockingham residents and business owners can rely on. Our highly skilled and well-trained electricians can assist you with your electrical requirements for your home and business.

Our Electrical Services include:

Smoke Alarms

Setting your property on fire while performing simple tasks such as cooking is tragic, and unfortunately, it can happen. Having a smoke alarm, therefore, is paramount so that if your property catches a small fire, you will be able to locate the fire source immediately and put it out before it can grow in size and cause great damage. Our smoke alarms will not only help you find and put out fires in your property, but will also help save what you are cooking, since burning food can also set them off.

Security Lights

A good way to protect your home or property from burglars and trespassers is to make sure that it is bright and well-lit, particularly at night. Your first line of defense against intruders need not be too complicated – security lights are a good way to keep them away. We install security lighting to your residential or commercial property, so you do not need to worry much about your family and your property’s safety when it is dark.


At Rockingham Home Security, we offer RCD lighting and power services to ensure that you get the protection you need against electrical hazards. This is one of the most essential electrical services Rockingham clients need. It is valuable because electrical problems can be tough to locate and identify, and often cause severe damage to the property, as well as physical injuries.

RCDs instantly break electric circuits to prevent serious harm while an electric shock is happening. Injuries may still occur, but the severity is greatly minimised by the RCD. It quickly and automatically disarms the circuit when it detects an electrical current imbalance between the energised and return conductors.


We specialise in the installation and repair of intercommunication devices for your home or business. Intercoms and public address systems can help improve communication and dissemination of information.


Dealing with electrical wiring can be dangerous, so it is best to have experts handle it. At Rockingham Home Security, our trained technicians can resolve any problems you may have with electrical wiring, whether you are wiring a new property or trying to locate faulty wiring that causes power outages.

General Electric work, maintenance, and repairs

Look no further than Rockingham Home Security whenever you need to have high quality, and safe, general electrical work done. Our technicians work quickly, striving to provide a solution within their first visit. They also work very safely, so you know that your property and your family is never endangered during and after they deliver the service you need. We also specialise in electric maintenance and repair.

Call us now on (08) 9527 1499 for enquiries about our electrical services, or to learn more about our complete product line.

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