Infill Panels / Grilles

If you’re looking for infill panel grilles manufacturing and installation services, you’ll be pleased you found us here at Rockingham Home Security. We understand that our customers are always looking for ways to absolutely maximise the security of their home and businesses, and that’s we offer custom-built infill panels and grilles made to your exact specifications.

Needing to enhance your front boundary by fitting infill panels between your brick piers or limestone pillars? Then call us at Rockingham Home Security, and we’ll provide the ideal solution for you.


Materials and Styles for Infill Panels / Grilles

  • Colourbond
  • Ornamental
  • Aluminium Slatted
  • Steel Slatted
  • Picket Style


Aside from the above styles and materials, we also offer various powder coated colour options. We can design your infill panel grilles to match the aesthetics of your house and building scheme.


Framing Materials Typically Used for Infill Panels / Grilles

Round bar – The joints are created midway through the sides so that the corners are bent neatly, providing a smooth radius. This is typical practice in creating frames for mesh panels. We can also strengthen the panel by adding a flat material to the lower edge.

Angle – This type of framing has corners that possess mitred or lap joints. The panels are characterised by their rigidity. Moreover, we can drill the flange of the angle so that we can bolt the panel to adjacent panels or existing panels.

U-section Edging – With this type of frame, the edging comes in various depths and gaps. The mesh is enclosed with the u-section edging, creating a neat finish. Mitred, welded and dressed down, the corners are left with a smooth finish. We can drill the u-section edging or we can fit the lugs to fix the panels in place.


So, if you’re wanting to add another layer of security to your home or businesses without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, call Rockingham Home Security today. Talk to our friendly staff, and together, we’ll design the ideal infill panel/grille solution for your security needs.