How Insect Screens Can Also Be Beneficial for Children and Pets

According to an article published by The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, every year, more and more children sustain serious injuries as a result of falling from windows or balconies. Often, these unfortunate incidents happen in their own homes during warmer months. To let the cold breeze in, families leave their windows and doors open. Typically, families do not have the insect screens Rockingham residents recommend. Or if they do have fly screens, they are mainly broken or loose-fitting.

Critical Facts About Window-Related Accidents

In most cases, children gain access to a piece of furniture by the window. They climb onto the furniture and fall from the open windows. 80% of the affected children suffer severe or significant injuries, including head trauma and broken limbs. A large proportion of them were boys under five years of age.

Before anything else, you must realise that having the fly screens Mandurah homeowners prefer is not enough to prevent these accidents. After all, there is no better substitute for parental supervision in ensuring the safety of children. However, there are still some measures you can take to ensure your windows and doors are child-proof.

How Fly Screens Can Protect Your Kids

At Rockingham Home Security, we understand how important it is for parents to keep their children safe in their house. We want you to get the best fly screens Rockingham has to offer. As such, we ensure that our security screens meet the unforgiving Australian Standards. Moreover, we always incorporate child-safe practices when installing screens. Let us know what you want for your insect screens, and we will tailor them according to your needs.

Through letting us install insect screens to your windows and doors, you can have a formidable barrier for your children. It is worth noting that our security screens can withstand the impact requirements of Australian Standards AS5039. Rest assured they can endure the knocks and bumps of your children’s’ horseplay. 

What’s more, our security screens allow you to enjoy natural ventilation. Unlike unsightly, large metal bar grilles, our screens won’t impede the view. We only offer fly screens made with premium quality materials. In this way, you can enjoy their good looks and functionality for years to come.

At Rockingham Home Security, we work to ensure that we take part in helping raise awareness of critical issues in the communities we serve. As such, we do our best to provide solutions that will keep families from going through the trauma of having a loved one gravely injured or lost.

How Insect Screens Protect Your Pets

If you have cats or dogs (or both) in your home, you may be worried about their safety. Keep in mind that cats love to walk around railings of balconies, window sills and ledges. Thankfully, you can install the insect screens Rockingham homeowners prefer. These fly screens can also function as pet screens that will allow you to keep your windows and balcony door open without worrying about the safety of your dog or cat.

What’s excellent about pet screens is that they can withstand the teeth and claws of cats. Moreover, they can protect your pets from falling off windows. They act as walls that animals cannot get through. They may try to penetrate the screens several times, however they won’t be able to affect the integrity of the mesh. In turn, they will grow to realize that the pet screen is an insurmountable obstacle for them.

Get the Best Fly Screens Rockingham Has to Offer

Also referred to as insect screens, security fly screens have metal wire, synthetic fibre or fibreglass encased in an aluminium or wooden frame. While their primary purpose is to prevent pests and debris from entering the home, they bring several other benefits. We offer the following types of insect screens for windows and doors:

  • Face-fit flyscreens
  • Pocket fit flyscreens
  • Removable fly screens
  • Sliding fly screens
  • Non-standard colour fly screens

It is important to note that nothing comes second to parental supervision. However, you will feel a bit more secure knowing that your windows have security screens durable enough to withstand playful impacts from your children. We ensure that we follow child-safe practices when installing the insect screens Rockingham residents recommend. What’s more, we offer them at competitive rates.

If you’re ready to install security screens for the safety of your children and pets, contact Rockingham Home Security today! Call us now to schedule your free measure and quote service!

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