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Congratulations on finally getting your hands on one of our top-notch security products here at Rockingham Home Security. So, what’s next? Well, in order to ensure that your new purchase can continue to look and function at its very best for many years to come, it’s important that you work to provide it with the proper care and maintenance that it deserves. If you encounter any issues with your product, then we’d recommend that you find the relevant warranty and maintenance section below and familiarise yourself with the conditions for upkeep. We’d advise you to have a browse through these sections or refer to your operation manual (if you were provided with one) before consulting one of our team members. If you find that the information provided does not help in answering any of your queries, then please feel free to contact us on (08) 9527 1449 during working hours and provide us with your invoice number. We will take note of your specific requirements and notify you as to when our security specialists will be available to provide you with the services you need. Please note that our guarantee period begins from the date of product purchase or installation completion and is only valid if these services have been fully paid for. Payment must have also been received in line with the terms of the contract.


Warranty – 2 years for locks fitted to new doors and 12 months for locks fitted to an existing door. Safes are covered under a 12-month warranty. 

Maintenance – Locks are complex devices, and therefore it is advisable that you perform some basic maintenance procedures so that you can keep them functioning in the condition that they should be. This is especially important for front and back door locks, as these are constantly being subjected to the harsh weather conditions. It’s recommended that you check your locks on a regular basis to ensure that all screws are tightened, and that the lock components are kept lubricated with a graphite or silicon spray. We supply sprays such as these at Rockingham Home Security; however, you may also find them available at certain hardware stores. Please avoid using liquid or aerosol lubricants such as WD40 or CRC, as they can cause damage to the components inside your lock. 


Warranty – 5 years on PIR’s (Passive Infrared Sensors), 2 years on other components and 12 months on labour. 

Maintenance – You’ll be pleased to find that your alarm system will not require much maintenance, as it is predominantly self-checking. Regardless of this however, we’d still recommend that you spray the areas around your motion sensors with a decent quality surface insect spray. This will prevent any false alarms from being triggered by pesky critters, and consequently allow you to save on any unnecessary service calls.


Warranty – 10 years on the grille, 5 years on the door frame, 2 years on locks and other components, 12 months on labour and 12 months on the door closer. 

Operation – Hinged and sliding doors should be operated with your hand on the handle at all times whilst opening, and need only stay on the handle when closing sliding doors.  If you do not assert adequate control over your door, it can lead to potential damage. With sliding doors, it may result in your door falling off its track. 

Maintenance – The locks installed on your security doors and screens will also require basic maintenance on a routine basis, so that they can function with minimal complications. This is especially important for the doors that provide you entry to your home, as they are constantly being subjected to the harsh weather conditions. 

Locks – These should be checked from time to time to ensure that screws are tightened, and the lock components are lubricated with a graphite or silicon spray. These sprays are available from Rockingham Home Security; however you may also find them at select hardware stores. (WARNING: Please do not over tighten the screws that hold the security door handles in place, as this can cause stiffness)  

Nyofelt – You should never use grease or oil on your door guides or Nyofelt running strips, as this can cause damage and prevent your door from operating as it should. Wiping down your guides on an occasional basis will work to remove any built-up grease or grime, and ensure your guides and tracks stay clean and clear. 


Warranty – 5 years on structural components, 5 years on motor, 12 months on other components and 12 months on labour. 

Operation – Traditional roller shutters require operation by hand whilst being opened or closed. Damage can result to your roller shutters if you fail to control them adequately whilst rolling them up or down. 

Maintenance – Your roller shutters’ locks are going to require some basic upkeep. Check your locks on a regular basis to ensure that all screws are firmly tightened, and all the moving components are lubricated with a graphite or silicon spray. Please avoid using grease or oil on your door guides or running strips, as this can cause damage to your roller shutters. You should, however, give your door guides an occasional wipe down to remove any built-up grease or grime. 

Hinges – You may also wish to use a silicon spray on your hinges from time to time basis, in order to keep them moving easily. 

Automatic Closer – Closers are designed to close your door and should be adjusted during weather conditions where there is no wind present. You can find the adjustment at the end of the closer closest to the centre of the door. Adjust the closer by twisting the screw in or out one fraction at a time in order to achieve the required close. Changes in wind conditions will affect the operation of the closer, but a firm close that does not require slamming is usually set. This is ensured to suit most conditions.  

Roller Wheels – The roller wheels on sliding doors have sealed bearings, and henceforth will not require any maintenance or upkeep. You may, however, choose to apply a graphite or silicon spray to make your sliding doors slide in an easier manner. These can be found at Rockingham Home Security or select hardware stores. You should work to ensure that the bottom tracks of your door are kept clean and unobstructed by dirt or sand. If your sliding door falls off its track, simply lift the door up and place itself and the spring-loaded wheels back onto the track at the same time. 


Warranty – 3 years on structural components, 12 months on labour and materials, 12 months on Doric and electric locks. 

Operation – If your gates are manually operated, then they will need to be controlled by hand whilst in their opening or closing cycle. Please assert control over your gate whilst it is in these positions, as failure to do so can result in potential damage to your gate.  

Maintenance – Locks will require basic maintenance from time to time to ensure that they can function in the way that they were designed. Outdoor gates are constantly being subjected to the harsh weather conditions, and therefore it’s crucial that you check their locks on an occasional basis to ensure that screws are tightened, and lock components are lubricated. You can lubricate your lock using a graphite or silicon spray, which you can find available at Rockingham Home Security or select hardware stores.


Warranty – 12 months on labour. Manufacturer’s Warranty – 7 years on Colourbond, 12 months on surface coating, 12 months on other components, 

Operation – Ensure that your hands are in control of your manual garage door during its opening and closing cycle. Please do not let go of your door during these phases, as doing so may result in potential damage to your garage door.  

Maintenance –It’s a good idea to check up on the locks of your garage doors routinely and ensure that all screws are tightened nicely. We’d also advise you to perform basic maintenance procedures, such as lubricating the moving components of your lock with a graphite or silicon spray.  


(For gates, garage doors or roller shutter motors) Warranty – 12 months on labour

Your automatic opener will have its own conditions for operation, maintenance and warranty, so please refer to the owner’s manual on use, care and warranty terms and conditions of automatic operators.


Warranty – 3 months on labour for all services provided (An Applicable Product Warranty is placed on any NEW replacement parts as per manufacturer). 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Any repair services that are required for electrical equipment as a result of a power outage or surge will incur a callout fee, as well as a charge for labour and parts. This is because the issue is not directly related to workmanship, nor the product installed, and is therefore not covered under warranty. 


There is no guarantee that your product will be able to resist corrosion for the entirety of its life. However, if you take care to follow the maintenance guidelines provided below, rest assured that your product will continue to stand strong on your property and withstand the harsh elements for an extended period of time. 


It’s only natural that you’d want to keep your powder coated products looking as pristine as they were when you first received them, for many years to come. If you want to ensure its aesthetic upkeep however, then you’ll have to provide it with the regular care and maintenance that it requires. You should work to maintain your product based on its proximity to coastal areas, as well as its exposure to extreme climatic conditions such as atmospheric pollutants, dust and dirt. These airborne impurities can affect the appearance of your product over time by giving it a reddish tea-stain appearance or causing white marks to appear as a result of built-up salt.

Upkeep for your powder coated products begins with removing loose deposits with a wet sponge. You should use a mild, non-alkaline based detergent paired with warm water and a soft bristled brush to apply it, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough scourer pads, as these can cause irreversible damage to the surface of your product. You should also never use dry dusting to remove dirt off your powder coated product, as this may cause scratches to appear on the surface. Finish the job with a quick wipe from a dry chamois cloth, so that you can prevent the appearance of water marks from surfacing. Below we have provided a chart detailing the recommended cleaning intervals based on your proximity to the coast.

Coastal Distance Cleaning Interval

Within 500m = 1 to 2 weeks

Within 500m to 1km = 2 to 3 weeks

Within 1km to 10km = 2 to 3 months

More than 10km = 3 to 6 months

WARNING: You may wish to thin various types of strong solvents that are specifically designed for the cleaning of mastics/sealants. However, these solutions are still harmful to the life of your powder coated surface and will cause the warranty to become invalid if they are used. If you need to safely remove paint splashes or sealants/mastics, then we’d recommend using the following solvents: Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, White Spirits, Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropanol.


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