Roller Shutters Rockingham & Mandurah

Searching for Roller Shutters Mandurah or Roller Shutters Rockingham? Rockingham Home Security offers effective and affordable privacy and security for your home and family with our range of Roller Shutters. We are pleased to offer our services to the Peel area, from Kwinana to the South of Mandurah. Our shutters are specifically designed to be able to cover your whole window, whilst also allowing you the ability to easily open and close them at your will. The roller shutters, once installed, give you insulation from both the heat and cold and can darken a room during daylight hours or allow in filtered light. Roller Shutters can also help protect your furnishings and fittings from the sun’s UV rays, with some of our customers even reporting a significant heat reduction in their home during hot days whilst their shutters are closed. Each slat is insulated, so when your shutter is in its closed position, noise levels can be reduced by up to 50% or more, which is excellent for shift workers.

Our Roller Shutters Rockingham are composed of Aluminium slats that are linked together to form a curtain. This curtain is attached to an axle inside headbox mounted to the exterior of your house. Your shutters can be raised or lowered via vertical side guides, and are able to be electrically operated by a remote control within your home.

Shutters are a great way to protect your home against elements, whilst adding value and character to your home, and giving you peace of mind.

All our Window Shutters are custom made and come in various colours to suit your home.