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Here at Rockingham Home Security, we’re pleased to act as the reputable providers of the Flyscreens Rockingham residents and business owners use to KEEP THE CRITTERS OUT! With Rockingham Home Security Custom made Flyscreens, your home won’t only look great, but will be pleasantly insect free too.

With over 30 years of experience in providing flyscreens in the Rockingham, Mandurah and Peel region, we’re the go-to people for all your flyscreen needs.

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Flyscreens are also referred to as insect screens, bug screens, window screens and wire mesh. Typically made of metal wire, fibreglass or other synthetic fibre, they are encased in a wooden or aluminium frame and then mounted against windows.

The main purpose of installing flyscreens is to prevent leaves, insects, birds, debris and other animals from entering your home. However, a flyscreen’s uses go beyond the aforementioned. If you’re still uncertain about whether or not you should have one installed, take a look at the reasons below:

Protect your Family from Diseases and Contamination

Insects and flies can land on anything –including wastes, soil and toxic materials. Once they enter your home, they can land on your cooking utensils and food, potentially causing health problems such as food poisoning.

It’s also important to note that insects can bring diseases that may leave you suffering for weeks or even months. Here are some of the mosquito-borne diseases that are endemic in Western Australia (WA):

  • Ross River virus (RRV) disease
  • Barmah Forest virus (BFV) disease
  • Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)
  • Kunjin disease (KUN)


If your property or home is located near stagnant water, you should regard flyscreens as an essential fixture on your house; remember that water can act as an optimal breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. With Rockingham Home Security’s flyscreens, you can protect your family from the potential health hazards brought by mosquitoes and other insects.

Keep your House Cool

During summer, the days and nights get warmer, prompting us to leave our air conditioning running for longer durations. However, doing so may hurt your pocket and the environment. When you have insect screens mounted on your doors and windows, you will have the freedom to leave them open, letting fresh air into your home whilst keeping the bugs out. Enjoy savings on your electricity bills and at the same time, be kind to Mother Nature.

Protection against Burglaries

A lot of people do not equate security with flyscreens, but when you hire Rockingham Home Security to install insect screens for you, you can get more out of the investment than just simply keeping the insects out of your home. Made of sturdy materials, our insect screens work as an added layer of protection for your house, whilst also adding value to your home.

Here at Rockingham Home Security, we offer insect screens that are not only sturdy and strong, but are also aesthetically appealing. We can custom fit all types of FLYSCREEN ACCESSORIES including Magi-Flaps, Turn Clips, D-Pull Clips, Plunger Pins and Weather Seal. Along with this, you can ask us to come up with a design that fits well with the overall look of your property.

With over the phone quotes, and installation within 3 days of acceptance of our quote, you’ll be pleased you chose Rockingham Home Security for your flyscreens.

Rockingham Home Security manufactures all types of insect screens for windows and doors including:

  • Face-Fit Flyscreens
  • Pocket Fit Flyscreens
  • Sliding Flyscreens
  • Removable Flyscreens
  • Non-Standard Colour Flyscreens


Rockingham Home Security offers the following benefits:

  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • High quality screens
  • Over the phone quote
  • Installation within 3 days


So, if you want to add another layer of security to your home without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal, Call Rockingham Home Security today and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you come up with the ideal flyscreen solution for your needs.