Security Gates Rockingham & Mandurah

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are a great way to secure the boundary of your home or your business to deter unwanted guests entering your property. Not only do they add security to your property but they also will look good and add value to your home.

Our driveway gates can be made in either one single hinged or sliding gate depending on size or double hinged or sliding driveway gates. You can choose between Aluminium or Steel gates, and choose from many colours to compliment the look of your home. Our Styles range from a colourbond driveway gate or Ornamental, Mini Orb Corrugated, Picket style or even slatted driveway gates, as you see we have many driveway gates to choose from.

If it is space you need then our Sliding Driveway gates are great for saving space in your driveway as they slide back behind the fence where hinged gates need space to open out. Sliding Driveway Gates give you the advantage of having more room to park cars in the driveway.

All our driveway gates are made to measure and custom made to your requirements. We can provide many options to secure your driveway gates which include automation for ease, pad bolts, deadlocks, electric locks and intercoms.

We can automate your driveway gates, whether being a single hinged, double hinged or sliding gate give you the ease of being able to open your gate safely from your car especially if you are arriving home late at night or if it is raining outside. Security Gates Rockingham can be opened and closed within a few seconds with a click of a remote.

All driveway gates can be fitted with an intercom in either Audio or Video allowing you to be able to see who is at your gate and be able to open your gate with a push of a button from inside your house.

Whatever your choice we are sure you will be pleased with your new stylish, secure driveway gate.

Pedestrian Gates

A Pedestrian gate can be multi-functional whether you are looking to create privacy or add security to deter unwanted guests into your home or a way of keeping your children safe within the boundaries of your property. Pedestrian gates can be made from colourbond, in picket style, or ornamental, mini orb, aluminium slatted and steel slatted styles. We will customise them to your requirements or even match them with your driveway gates.

There are several options for locking your gate you can choose from a d-latch, doric lock, magna latch or an electronic lock, whatever your choice we will have a solution for your locking. Call Rockingham Home Security today and our friendly staff will more than glad to help you come up with the ideal security gates Rockingham solution for your needs.