5 Reasons Why Aluminium Slat Gates Are Ideal for Your Property

Aluminium Slat Gates Rockingham

According to research from IBISWorld, the structural metal product market size in Australia is currently valued at $3 billion dollars. This includes customised gates for residential and commercial use. Now, with so many options available in the market, you might wonder which gate is the best choice for your house.

Well, in residential areas of Australia, aluminium slat gates are getting more and more popular. While absolute security is not guaranteed in any property, installing this type of gate can definitely increase your home’s protection. So, why are many people finding aluminium slat gates a great option? 

1. Aluminium Slat Gates Boost Aesthetic Appeal

The first thing that people will see when they pass by your house is your gate. So, you need to make a statement by choosing a design that will boost your property’s kerb appeal. 

What’s great about aluminium slat gates is their availability in a range of colours. You can find aluminium slat gates in a range of traditional and contemporary colours and can even have them match the colour of your roof. With unlimited design options, you can find one that will suit your taste.

2. Aluminium Slat Gates Are Practical and Affordable

If you’re looking for a more affordable gate option, then wrought iron may not be the ideal choice for you. Indeed, this material is long-lasting and durable. However, it can be very expensive. 

Now, if you look for other options like wood, you might not be making a good investment in the long run. Timber gates require high maintenance, especially since they are susceptible to deterioration or rot. 

Your most practical and affordable option is aluminium. With aluminium slat gates, you will have a cost-effective solution that will stay strong amidst the harsh Australian weather conditions. Besides, they are made of materials that require low maintenance. So, even with minimal care, your gate will stay strong and stunning for a long time.

3. Aluminium Slat Gates Are Easy to Maintain

As we’ve mentioned, aluminium requires minimal maintenance. Compared to timber gates, aluminium slat gates are much easier to clean and care for. What’s more, the material won’t chip, rot, or warp.

When cleaning the slats, all you need to do is wash them down with warm water along with a dishwashing detergent or car cleaner. In most cases, simple care products like soap can keep the gate looking new and stunning.

4. Aluminium Slat Gates Increases Privacy

Because of the slatted design of the gate, it’s nearly impossible for people passing by to see into your yard. So, if you want more privacy in your outdoor space, an aluminium slat gate is perfect for you. Your family can comfortably enjoy the yard without worrying about weird Peeping Toms.

5. Aluminium Slat Gates Provide Safety

Most of the time, burglars scope out a property before conducting their actual crime. Now, if you have aluminium slat gates, it will be difficult for them to look into your home. What’s more, they’ll determine that there’s no easy access to your property. If you install a deadlock in the latch, you’ll make your gate even more secure.

What to Consider When Choosing Aluminium Slat Gates

  • Quality Materials – Remember that some dodgy companies may install slat gates with low-quality aluminium materials. Make sure that the slats are at least 16mm thick and 65mm wide.
  • Customisation Options – Of course, you’d want a gate that matches the overall look of your home. So, your aluminium slat gate should be customised according to your design preferences.
  • Trusted Installer – Keep in mind that your aluminium slat gate will only be as good as the one who installed it. So, make sure you choose a supplier with a good reputation.

If you want to ensure the quality of the materials and installation of your gate, choose Rockingham Home Security. We have decades of experience in helping Australians secure their homes with class. Aside from installing customised aluminium slatted gates, we also install security systems.To get a free measure and quote for your gate, contact Rockingham Home Security today!

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