4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Door

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Door

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 919,000 households experienced crimes like break-ins, theft and property damage between 2020 and 2021. Naturally, home owners want to find ways to keep their families and homes protected. There are several ways you can boost your property’s security. However, installing a security door is one of the things you should consider first.

Now, if you’re planning to purchase one, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Question 1: Are All Security Doors the Same?

The first mistake you’ll commit is thinking that all security doors are manufactured equally. You must perform your due diligence before choosing what to install for your home and who to install from. Search for suppliers that offer doors with perforated materials, strong hinges, and high-quality locks. 

Some manufacturers can also customise your decorative security door to match the overall look of your home. However, no matter what design you choose, you should look for doors that have passed multiple standardised tests. This way, you can have a door that will deter would-be burglars.

Question 2: What Type of Security Door Is Perfect for Me?

You should choose a security door that fits your needs. It should meet your home’s design aesthetics while remaining functional. Here are some things to consider when determining the ideal security door for you:

  • Your preferred features and what you want for security
  • The overall appearance of the door, including its finish
  • Your budget and installation timeframe

Here are the best types of security doors:

Diamond Grille – This fly screen does more than keep insects out. It is also a highly durable security door that is built to withstand harsh conditions in Australia.

Alu-Gard – If you live in a coastal area, perforated aluminium security doors are the ideal option. These doors are corrosion-resistant and provide reliable protection for your home.

Decorative Doors – You can have a customised security door manufactured that is aesthetically pleasing and blends well with the overall look of your property.

Question 3: Should I Sacrifice Style for Better Security?

Security is undoubtedly important for your home. However, design and functionality are just as critical, especially since they determine the type of lifestyle you’ll have on your property. Whether you’re relaxing or working at home, you want to maximise and enjoy your living environment.

You shouldn’t settle for those prison-like bars or grilles that can ruin the beauty of your home. In this day and age, it’s unreasonable to sacrifice design and layout for security. For instance, at Rockingham Home Security, every door can be tailor-made according to your specifications, design preferences and colour palette. You can choose from a wide selection of customisation, material and finish options.

Question 4: How Do You Choose the Right Security Door Supplier?

Choosing the ideal security door for your preferences and needs is one thing. However, selecting the supplier is a different ballpark. You need to find a company that has enough experience to give you expert advice and after-sales support.

Of course, you have the option to install the door on your own. However, while that’s the cheaper way to do things, it’s not always the best option. When you hire professionals, you can ensure that your security door is installed to the highest standards with support available after installation. 

Rockingham Home Security – The Trusted Security Door Supplier and Installer

At Rockingham Home Security, we offer 100% Australian-made security doors. Our products have endured and passed multiple tests to ensure the highest quality in terms of durability and protection.

To know more about our security doors and to get a quote, contact Rockingham Home Security today!

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