Spring Security Tips: How to Secure Your Home This Season

Spring Home Security Tips

With the winter blues finally out of the picture, we can all look forward towards warmer, longer and happier days in the lead up towards summer. Springtime is the perfect season to re-evaluate your property and start making changes for the better. However, it’s also important to consider your home security requirements when sprucing up your abode.

Below, we’ve discussed a few spring security tips that will help you to secure your home this season: 

1. Take Care with Spring Cleaning

It’s the perfect time of year to get reinspired by Marie Kondo and carry out the traditional spring clean. However, whether you’re simply tidying up or sprucing things up a little with your interior design, there’s a few important things to consider in terms of home security. First, when you’re moving furniture around, make sure that you aren’t obstructing any security cameras or motion detectors with your new layout. Also, if you’re going to be upgrading your old electronics and appliances, make sure that you compact their packaging down well and truly into your recycling bin. After all, leaving empty boxes outside of your bins will only advertise your flash new purchases to passers-by- and you don’t want to give anyone a reason to target your home for what’s inside. 

2. Consider Security Screens

There’s no better time to open all your doors and windows and let in that fresh spring breeze and bright sunshine; but if you want to do it all whilst maintaining a high level of security, security screens for windows and doors are the way to go. Security screens are excellent because they’re not only simple, affordable, and highly effective, but also versatile and customisable. When applied over your windows and doors, they will promise to act as both a deterrent and a physical barrier, helping to protect your entryways against forced entry attempts experienced over the years. 

3. Secure Your Garage

Spring is the perfect time to clean out the old clutter in your garage or start doing up the garden; but it’s easy to leave your garage door open while you’re running about from inside to outside. Most garages nowadays have an internal door connecting the garage to the rest of the home. So, if you end up leaving your garage unsecured, it will present burglars with the perfect access point into your home. Not to mention, it will leave all your tools and equipment vulnerable to stealing. To avoid the risks of having anything stolen from your garage, always remember to close your garage door after each use. You can also work to secure your garage further by installing motion sensors and connecting these to your alarm system. 

4. Prepare for the Holiday Season

The cold and dreary weather is finally mellowing out and the year is slowly but surely coming to an end. That can mean only one thing; it’s time to book a getaway and rejuvenate (especially before the crazy Christmas period hits). Before setting off on your adventure, make sure that you secure your home adequately. After all, it’s well known that most break-ins occur during the holiday periods, when people are more likely to be absent from their homes. If you want to protect your home from theft while you’re away on holiday, make sure that you store any valuables away safely, ask a neighbour to help collect mail or check in with your home occasionally, invest in a decent home security system, and consider having this system monitored, either by you or a third-party monitoring service. This will provide you with the peace of mind needed to enjoy your holiday to its fullest.   

5. Upgrade Your Perimeter Security 

Was your old fencing left ragged by the brutal winter weather? In that case, it may be time to upgrade your perimeter security with brand new fencing and a custom-made security gate. Upgrading your fencing and gate will not only help to deter passers-by from trespassing. It will also help to boost the aesthetics of your property and increase the overall value of your home. 

Keep Your Home Safe this Spring with Rockingham Home Security 

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to break-ins this spring. At Rockingham Home Security, we can help you to boost your home’s security level and keep you and your family members feeling safe all year-round. Offering an extensive array of tried and tested home security solutions, we’re the experts Rockingham and Mandurah residents can trust to fortify their residential and commercial properties whilst adapting to their unique needs and requirements. 
To get started on securing your home this spring, contact Rockingham Home Security now!

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