Have Peace and Quiet by Installing Noise-Blocking Roller Shutters

Sound Proof Roller Shutters

Are you having trouble sleeping at night because you live by a busy street? Do you have to deal with noisy neighbours on a daily basis? Well, why don’t you put a stop to these inconveniences and try installing sound proof roller shutters from Rockingham Home Security?

Of course, most of us know that a roller shutter system can bring several security benefits for your home, however it’s worth noting that the advantages offered can stretch beyond simply protection against burglaries and intrusions. Aside from allowing you control over natural light and privacy, roller shutters can also block noise coming from outdoors.

How Important is Having Peace and Quiet Inside the Home?

Imagine having a stressful day at work and coming home only to be disturbed by the noise coming from outside on the street. This may be an overstatement, but nothing can compare to sitting on your comfy couch and relaxing in your quiet and peaceful home. When there is serenity inside your house, you can separate yourself from the commotion and noise of the outside world, and the less noise that comes into your home, the more peace you can enjoy inside your living space. Here at Rockingham Home Security, we can provide you with a selection of roller shutter options for your house, which are installed by our expert technicians.

After undergoing extensive testing, roller shutters that have been installed correctly have been proven to lower incoming noise by up to 80 percent. With that said, when you reduce the noise coming into your home, you can also lower your stress levels. Whether you live on a busy street or you have noisy neighbours, having roller shutters will provide you with a more comfortable and peaceful home.

What’s more, when you turn to Rockingham Home Security, we can fit your roller shutters with remote control functionality. This means that without even getting off your couch, you can block the hustle and bustle of the outside world with the simple press of a button.

Noise-Blocking Aluminium Roller Shutter Design

At Rockingham Home Security, we offer roller shutters featuring aluminium slats with an insulated design, as well as other options which feature polyurethane foam. This material is efficient in providing a barrier between your home and the outside world. Moreover, polyurethane foam is great in absorbing noise and blocking sound transmission. It goes without saying that our roller shutters are the ideal choice when you want a comfortable, quiet and peaceful environment for your home.

Can I Completely Soundproof my Home Using Roller Shutters?

It’s important to note that even when you install soundproof windows with roller shutters, you won’t be able to completely eliminate all noises coming from outside your home, however there are other measures you can take to further lower the amount of noise that enters your home. For instance, you could install long drapes or use carpet flooring, as these items are capable of absorbing sound.

How We Efficiently Install Sound Proof Shutters to Reduce Noise

It’s true that soundproof roller shutters can significantly lower the noise levels entering your home, however you won’t be able to enjoy their optimum noise reduction benefits without proper installation. It’s important to apply silicone sealant between the guides, headbox and the wall, and to properly seal other parts of the home to ensure that there are no air gaps that may let sound in.

Keep in mind that when there are air gaps in the home, they can lower the roller shutters’ efficiency, and as such, you would notice only little improvement in the noise levels. The estimated percentage of noise reduction level is based on the measured amount in decibels, and university testing shows that a 10-decibel reduction is equal to about 50% reduction in perceived noise. When you turn to Rockingham Home Security, you can enjoy up to 80% reduction in noise levels. Moreover, if you opt for internal shutters, you can still get the same noise reduction advantages.

If you want to bring your noise-blocking levels up a notch further, you can do so by installing double-paned glass or sound-proof windows. The more padding or barrier you install between your home’s interior and that inconvenient traffic noise, barking dog or loud party, the better!

Noise-Blocking, Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Roller Shutters

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just to enjoy optimum noise reduction benefits. The great thing about aluminium roller shutters is that they come in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, ensuring that there’s an option available for every person’s taste and home style. At Rockingham Home Security, you can have a window covering that will provide you with security, noise-blocking benefits and improved aesthetic appeal.

Why Aluminium is the Ideal Option for Roller Shutters

There are many good reasons why we choose aluminium for our roller shutters. Aside from being an effective noise blocker, this material is also lightweight and robust, meaning that it can stand up to the elements and even resist corrosion, and ensuring an easy-to-operate, strong, long-lasting and stunning roller shutter system. Here are just some of the best qualities of our aluminium roller shutters:

  • Comes with CFC-free foam, which provides quiet, torsion-proof and resonance-free operation
  • Manufactured with a thick layer of top-quality coating, ensuring lasting colour brilliance without the necessity for retouching
  • Enhanced stability and a great look, thanks to the grooves in the profiles
  • With aluminium expanding less than plastic materials when exposed to heat, our roller shutters offer reliable operation

Improve your Home Environment with our Sound Proof Roller Shutters

By installing our roller shutters, you can create a more comfortable and pleasant living environment. Conforming to quality standards, these fixtures can also provide increased protection against pests and insects, and are also ideal for protecting your indoor space from the sun’s heat, the cold and even prying eyes.

If you want to know more about our sound proof shutters for windows, contact Rockingham Home Security today! Just by calling us, you can get a free quote!

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