How Do Power Outages Affect Your Home Security?

How Do Power Outages Affect Your Home Security

A power outage can result from a number of circumstances. Severe weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain can damage power lines, whilst lighting strikes or short circuits can cause a spike in the electrical voltage supply, leading to a fault. A power outage may even occur in an attempt to ensure safety, as the network may need to be disconnected for workers who are about to perform maintenance. A power outage can rarely be foreseen or controlled. In addition to this, your home relies on a constant flow of electricity not only to operate your fridge, washing machine, heating/cooling system and entertainment devices, but also your home security system. And when you experience a power outage, it can really put your home in a vulnerable state if you don’t have a backup plan ready to go.

In this article, we’ll be explaining how a power outage can put your property at risk depending on the type of home security system you have. You may even find the following information useful if you’re finding yourself stuck on deciding which type of security system to opt for.


Landline home security systems are decreasing in popularity everywhere as homeowners seek to implement newer and smarter alternatives. However, a landline connection can still serve you well in a power outage, as it continues to send signals straight to the monitoring station via phone lines. Your phone provider is the one responsible for providing your security system with backup power so that it is still capable of operating. A landline connection can also prove as a great backup to cellular and wireless connections, which are two of the more popular types of security systems used nowadays.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Having your security system connected over a VoIP can be a bit of a sticky situation during a power outage. This is because voice over internet protocol converts messages into data that can be sent across the internet to the receiver on the other end. Since such a security system depends on the internet, a power outage will prevent it from being able to operate. Without a backup source of power, a VoIP home security system is also doomed to fail. On the other hand, if you had implemented a backup source of power for your internet, you may be able to protect your home from being put in a state of vulnerability.  


When you have a home security system that is connected via cellular radio, you won’t have to worry too much about a power outage putting you or your home in a vulnerable position. Just like your mobile phone, cellular connections are unaffected by power outages, as they do not rely on telephone lines or an internet connection in order to operate. These types of home security systems instead use cellular signals as a means of communication, meaning that your home security system will still be capable of operating in the event of a power outage. Of course, these types of security systems come with their own drawbacks too – for example, they can be more prone to signal interferences as compared to security systems that operate via landline. If you ensure to implement preventative measures however, such issues can easily be avoided.  


Out of all the security system types available, one that is connected via broadband or over the internet is often the most vulnerable. In a similar way to VoIP systems, these types of connections require a constant internet connection in order to send signals to the monitoring centre. When your internet connection is disconnected as a result of a power outage, it becomes impossible to send the signals. As such, you’d probably want to look at getting a backup power-source or finding an alternative source of power for security systems such as these.

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