Guide for Choosing the Right Type of House Alarms in Perth

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Do you spend long hours away from home? Be it at work, on holiday, or simply out and about? Well then, an alarm system would be an incredibly worthwhile investment for you. But of course, that’s only if you ensure to make the right choice. 

If you want to get the best solution possible for your Perth home, then it’s crucial for you to consider a variety of aspects before going ahead with choosing your alarm system. Below, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to help you in choosing the right type of security system to suit your unique security needs: 

Consider All Entry Points

Standard alarm systems often consist of various motion sensors which are installed throughout the home; for example, in corners where changes in movement can be easily identified. Of course, this setup would only work in scaring off burglars after they’ve already succeeded in infiltrating your home. Alternatively, if you want to be able to prevent burglars from even stepping a foot inside, then it’s important to have sensors installed near vulnerable entryways, such as your doors and windows as well. Luckily, you can opt for a home alarm system capable of splicing with a variety of add-on features, including glass alarms which can detect the frequency of breaking glass, or even door alarms which sense when a doorway is being forced open. When you work to consider all the entry points within your home, you can ensure to make your alarm system a lot more effective at startling burglars and preventing them from going any further than they already have. 

Wired or Wireless?

Back in the day, wired alarm systems were the norm. However, since the arrival of smart home technology, wireless alarm systems have become more and more popular amongst Australian homeowners- and for good reason, too. Now, that’s not to say that wired alarm systems are absolutely not worth having in the era of remote-controlled or mobile-operated alarm systems. In fact, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of each so that you can compare the two on your own accord:



  • Less vulnerable to hacking
  • Less likely to fail or give off false alarms
  • Can cover a large area


  • Easy for burglars to disable through cutting wires
  • Can’t be remotely controlled
  • Permanent alteration to the property



  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Easy setup 
  • Easy to change or upgrade


  • Limited by range
  • Vulnerable to hacking
  • Subject to interference

Other Add-On Features

No two homeowner’s security needs are ever exactly alike. Fortunately, this is something that home security product manufacturers understand, which is exactly why there are so many additional features available for you to splice with your home alarm system. We’ve already talked about securing your windows and doors with sensors. But aside from this, you also have the opportunity to opt for the following add-ons:

  • Third-Party Monitoring Service – a third-party monitoring service will monitor your alarm system 24/7, watching for signs of suspicious activity or intrusions. When an invasion is detected, you can choose for the third-party to either contact you or notify a security guard firm. 
  • Smoke Detectors – this is a great option for homeowners everywhere. Through adding smoke detectors onto your alarm system, you can protect your home from both fire hazards and intrusions. 
  • Pet Sensors – these sensors will allow your furry friends to wander around the home without setting off your alarm.

Turn to a Reliable Home Security Specialist

When it comes to getting an alarm system for your property, the absolute best thing to do is to source your system from a reliable home security specialist in Perth. When you turn to a brick-and-mortar store, you will be able to converse one-on-one and come up with the ideal system for your security needs together with your specialist. Aside from this, most specialists are also able to offer you free advice, help with installation, warranties and repairs. They are also more likely to supply you with high-quality products; something that is never absolutely guaranteed when it comes to buying online. 

Need help choosing the perfect alarm system? Turn to Rockingham Home Security, and allow us to come up with the ideal home security system for your needs! Get in touch today.

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