Why It’s Essential to Install Good Security Doors

These days, we always try to find ways to keep our family secure. We set up firewalls to protect our sensitive information while we browse the Internet. We install an alarm system to ward off intruders. As an additional security measure, we even install surveillance cameras around our property. However, it is important not to forget that our first line of defence is our doors. The probability of a successful forced entry lies on the level of security that our doors offer.

Poor Home Security – An Open Invite to Intruders

Whenever burglars target a home, there are indicators that they search for to know that the house is vulnerable and can easily be broken into. When you have knowledge of these indicators, you can prepare your house, get a better chance of ensuring your security and avoid becoming a victim of burglary. Here are some of the things that intruders are looking for.

Entry Points that are Vulnerable

Amidst the summer heat, we like to keep the door open to save AC costs and let fresh air in. Well, if you plan on doing the same, then you should install a good security door. Burglars spend some time observing your house to create an intrusion plan. If they see that you always leave your door open, they will most likely take the opportunity to sneak into your house and sweep your valuable possessions.

Broken or Unfinished Windows/Doors

Window frames that are falling apart or sagging doors are also targeted by burglars as potential entry points. So, it is important to do a regular check-up and maintenance to ensure that your windows and doors are secure. A good option is to install security doors or window screens to deter burglary attempts. Just the mere presence of a security door system discourages burglars from making your home a target for crime.

Why It’s Important to Invest on Good Security Doors

If you value the peace of mind and safety of your family, then getting a reliable security door would be a good investment for you. Once you install good security doors, you will enjoy more benefits than you expected.

Get the Protection that You Need

Your entry door is your first line of defence in the event of a burglary attempt. Compared to ordinary doors, security doors are a lot stronger. Having one installed gives your home another layer of protection against forced entries.

Discourage Burglary Attempts

Burglars typically attempt to break into houses through the front door. When they see that you’ve installed a security door, they would have second thoughts whether breaking into your home is worth the effort. Small-time thieves usually carry basic tools for forcibly entering homes. They would have a difficult time smashing through a strong security door. Here at Rockingham Home Security, we offer a wide selection of security doors that have passed and even exceeded Australian Standards. Having gone through knife shear, impact, anti-jemmy and other security tests, our products give you the right protection that you need.

Other Advantages of Having Good Security Doors

It is undeniable that security doors give homes protection against burglary attempts. However, they also offer various lifestyle and financial benefits. Take a look at the other advantages of having a security door installed.

Add Value to Your Home

By making improvements to your house, you are increasing its value. Whether you change your kitchen tiles or add decking in your backyard, these changes add value to your home. The same is true when you decide to install a security door. Even if you only install one, you are still making a home improvement.

Here at Rockingham Home Security, you will also find a good selection of decorative security doors. This means that you are not limited to options with plain-looking bars. You can choose a security door with a fancy iron work or even a decorative glass to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Secure your Home While Freely Letting Fresh Air In

With a security door installed, you can open your primary door and let the cool breeze in. Since the security door is locked, you still have the peace of mind that your house is still protected against pests or burglars. Amidst the summer heat, you can turn off the AC and save on electricity costs.

Lower Your Insurance Premium

When you make an effort to improve your home’s security, you will be able to reduce your home and contents insurance premium. Having a security door installed would mean that it would be difficult for burglars to break into your house. In turn, your insurance company will consider your home as less of a risk.

Combine that with a reliable security alarm system and you lower your insurance rates further. Here at Rockingham Home Security, we also offer an alarm system that can cover your specific security needs. Give us a call at our offices in Rockingham and Mandurah and we’ll help you come up with an efficient and practical security action plan!

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