Aluminium vs. Timber Slat Fencing: Which Is the Better Option?

Aluminium vs Timber Slat Fencing

If you want to add some dynamic texture, contrast or overall value to your home, one of your best options is to embark on a new fencing project. Remember that first impressions linger, and of course, your fence is what people initially see. However, before you start your project, there are several things you need to consider. For one, you need to decide on the material you’ll use for your gate.

Now, the two most popular materials for fencing are timber and metal, both of which offer unique advantages. You can find them at vastly different price points and visual finishes. Most of the time, people go with the option that’s familiar and comfortable. As such, you’ll always see the classic suburban brush fence around neighbourhoods. However, as a homeowner, you should always consider security and durability. 

So, before you begin your project, make sure you read through this blog post. We will show you which is the better option—timber or aluminium slat fencing in Perth.

What Can You Expect from Wooden Fencing?

We agree that nothing can match the natural appeal of wood. However, you must be willing to accept all its disadvantages, especially when you’re using it outdoors. A timber slat fence requires extensive maintenance. Otherwise, the material will warp, rot, and shrink. Ideally, you need to maintain the fence at least twice a year. The process will involve repainting, revarnishing, or replacing faulty slats.

If you do not maintain your timber slat fence regularly, it will deteriorate quickly. Without proper care, your fence will become a neighbourhood eyesore. Ultimately, you would’ve just wasted your money building that fence. 

Another thing to remember is that treated wood can be toxic. Suppliers and manufacturers apply nasty chemicals on the slats that keep away creepy crawlies like white ants and termites. This way, the homeowner will not have to worry about pests chewing away at their fence. On the downside, these chemicals can leech over time. So, if you have children or dogs, the fence will not be safe for them.

If you invest in good wood, you need to be willing to work with heavy material. Consider the practical aspect of using a heavy fence, then decide if it’s worth the trouble. 

What Can You Expect from Aluminium Slat Fencing?

Over the years, aluminium slatted fencing went through improvements in terms of functionality and design. These days, you can even find materials that resemble the look of timber. What’s excellent about aluminium is that it is virtually maintenance-free. In most cases, all you’ll have to do is wash down the fence with warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent. With this simple cleaning solution, you can expect the fence to stay stunning and durable for a long time. 

Of course, since you’re not dealing with treated wood, nasty chemicals won’t leach out of your fence. As such, you can rest easy knowing that your young kids and pets are safe from toxic chemicals. As we’ve mentioned, you can still achieve the natural look of timber slats. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with extensive maintenance and nasty chemicals.

It’s also easy to work with aluminium, so it wouldn’t take long for professionals to build your fence. Most of the time, we don’t send a big team for this type of project. The material is malleable, making it easy to manipulate and adhere according to local building regulations. However, despite being a lightweight material, aluminium is still quite durable. It doesn’t rot, erode, rust, or deteriorate. So, you can expect it to last for a long time.

You don’t have to settle for slat fencing that does not go well with the overall style of your home. Aluminium slats are available in various styles and colours, including powder-coated bush cherry and red cedar. All you need to do is specify the design you want, and we will do it for you. You can still get the natural appeal of timber fencing, whilst spending significantly less.

Is Aluminium Slatted Fence the Best Option for you?

If it sounds like an aluminium fence is what you want for your project, do not hesitate to contact Rockingham Home Security. As the trusted supplier of security products, our team will be glad to show you samples, answer your enquiries, and offer you a free measure and quote. For many years, we have been happily serving Perth and the surrounding areas. The positive reviews from our previous customers are a testament to our dedication to quality service and products.

For aluminium slat fencing in Perth, call Rockingham Home Security today!

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