7 Reasons for Installing Roller Shutters

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With the ever-increasing crime rates in Western Australia, it has become necessary for both residential and commercial property owners to consider ways to increase their security. While there are many ways to protect your property, one of the best ways to do this is by installing roller shutters. They are closely fitted to your windows so they are difficult to take down.

Roller shutters can be used on a range of applications. Business owners typically install them as doors for their warehouses, sheds, garages, establishments and even their vans or trucks. On the other hand, homeowners can have them installed to their windows as an added security features. There are many benefits to installing roller shutters and they go beyond security. In this article, we will discuss why they are a good investment for your home. Keep reading to discover the advantages of having them fitted to your windows or doors.

1) Added Security

In Australia alone, there are 200,000 burglaries occurring every year. It is estimated by Australian Institute of Criminology that every year, one out of 49 houses will encounter burglaries. You would be surprised to discover that the highest burglary rates were recorded in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. It goes without saying that now, more than ever it has become essential to find ways to increase the security of your property.

At Rockingham Home Security, you can choose from a range of rolling shutters that have been proven to deter burglary attempts. While the most obvious benefit of installing roller shutters is security, they also offer other financial and lifestyle benefits. You can talk to our security staff and we will customise the features to suit your needs.

2) Sun Protection

During summers, the heat can get quite intense. The common misconception about installing curtains or blinds is that they can completely stop the heat from entering their home. They neglect to consider the fact that their glass window can absorb the heat and pass it through the curtains or blinds.

When you have your windows fitted with roller shutters, you can reduce the amount of heat entering your home, as well as protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. What these rolling shutters do is absorb the heat and keep it from coming inside your house. On the other hand, they also work as heat buffer during winters. They also function as a protective layer that stops the heat from escaping your house during cold weathers. Since you’re reducing your heater or air conditioning use, you are also lowering your electricity costs.

3) Storm Damage Protection

Cyclones and powerful storms can shatter your windows and make your interior vulnerable to damages. Once your windows are broken, the winds can carry an upward pressure that might send your roof flying. The worst-case scenario would be your walls getting compromised, causing it to collapse.

With your windows broken, water can also come in. Even a single inch of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. Keep in mind that the winds can be strong and fierce enough to bring objects that can smash your windows. So, the aforementioned scenarios are highly possible.

4) Natural Light and Privacy Control

With roller shutters fitted to your windows, you can have control over the amount of natural light entering your home. You can brighten any room by rolling them up or you can dim the lights by rolling them down.

You can also increase your home’s privacy by having roller shutters installed. This would be ideal for houses that are not surrounded by walls or fences. You keep people from peeking through your windows when you have roller shutters fitted on them.

5) Fire Protection

There are several bushfire zones in Western Australia. If you live in one of these areas, you might want to consider mounting rolling shutters to your windows. It is essential for you to take preventive measures that will help you protect your house and its contents from fire.

When you are a kilometre away from a fire, you might think that you are safe. However, your glass windows are still vulnerable to shattering. Winds can carry radiant heat and break your windows. You can only ensure basic protection when you have regular windows. It is worth noting that the heat can also shatter double-glazed windows. Once your windows are shattered, fire embers can fly into your home and start a fire.

It is true that rolling shutters are not a hundred percent fire-proof. However, with properly rated roller shutters, you can have enough fire protection for your glass windows. You can prevent your windows from shattering and keep fire embers from starting a fire inside your house.

6) Better Aesthetic Appeal

At Rockingham Home Security, we offer roller shutters in various designs, styles, colours, and types. With a range of choices available, you can find one that is suitable for the overall theme of your home. While our roller shutters provide protection for your home, they also look stunning, adding aesthetic appeal to your house. When the time comes that you put your property on the market, you can resell it at a higher value.

7) Lower Insurance Premium Costs

When determining the cost of your insurance premium, your provider considers whether you’ve invested in features that can increase the security of your home. Since having roller shutters deter burglary attempts, your insurance company will consider your house as less of a risk. By increasing your protection against storm damage and intruders, you can discuss discounts on your premium costs.

Now that we’ve clearly established the financial, security and lifestyle benefits of installing roller shutters, you might be ready to take advantage of them. If you are not sure as to what type of rolling shutters you should get, do not hesitate to contact Rockingham Home Security today. Our friendly staff will be glad to answer your enquiries and help you determine the ideal security solution for your specific needs.

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