5 Benefits of Having Window Grilles

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Up until now, you may have avoided scary-looking window grilles in fear that they’d turn your lovely home into something just a step down from Fremantle prison, or one of those old, boring buildings situated in the dodgy alleyways of Northbridge. Well, we get it- when you’re constantly being exposed to strange buildings that just so happen to have window grilles, it’s only natural to form an association between the two. However, there’s absolutely no reason for you to be concerned. If the thought of having window grilles leaves a bad taste in your mouth, we can guarantee to turn that around with our range here at Rockingham Home Security.

Be it for your home or your business, window grilles are actually an excellent way to boost your property’s security level. Of course, these structures have a lot more to offer than security. In fact, they have many more benefits than what initially meets the eye. 

Need more convincing? We hear you. Read on to discover some of the advantages of choosing to install custom-built grilles over your windows: 

1. Increased Security

We’re going to start by stating the obvious with the most well-known benefit of window grilles- increased security. Unfortunately, your windows are one of the most vulnerable points of entry into your home. Being made entirely out of glass, any burglar with the right tools and a strong amount of willpower would be able to smash through your windows and get at your most valuable items. That’s why you need strong, durable grilles installed over your windows. Like security screens, these structures will help to prevent potential intruders from getting in so easily. Moreover, they’ll buy you plenty of time in the event of a burglary. 

2. Effective Deterrent

Most burglars would generally want to target a home that looks as easy to infiltrate as possible. Intruders are looking to get into and out of your home with as minimal effort and noise as possible. Unfortunately for criminals, window grilles just don’t make it that easy. Paired with some other excellent burglar deterrents, having window grilles installed will be enough to convince most burglars that your home just isn’t worth any of the effort.  

3. Boosts Aesthetic Appeal

Yes, you read that correctly. Our window security grilles aren’t just great at injecting security; they’re also effective at boosting aesthetic appeal. There are a wide range of different grille styles and designs available, but if you want to ensure the absolute best result, you have to match the right window grille with the right home. If you’re living in a traditional style home, you may find some of the more decorative window grilles would suit your premises better. On the other hand, if your property has a more modern look, you may find simplistic grilles such as colonial or prairie-style work better. 

4. Protection from Elements

You would’ve seen just how brutal the Australian weather conditions and elements can be. Storms can do a lot more than knock down trees and utility poles; they can also tear off rooves and cause damage to windows. At least with window grilles installed, you will be able to mitigate the level of damage that occurs if a sinister storm ever hits.  

5. Low Maintenance

Another great thing about window grilles is that they require minimal maintenance. Depending on the material they’re manufactured from, you can also expect to enjoy corrosion and rust-resistance. Needless to say, window grilles are perfect for application in a variety of different environments. 

Safeguard Your Windows with Durable Grilles from Rockingham Home Security

When there’s that many benefits to enjoy with window grilles, why miss out on the opportunity to have them installed? At Rockingham Home Security, we provide home and business owners with 100% Australian made and designed security products, including security doors, security screens and strong, durable and long-lasting window grilles. Manufactured to meet your specific requirements, our window grilles guarantee all the aforementioned benefits and more. Plus, we always ensure to offer them at affordable rates. 

Interested in getting window grilles for your property? Contact Rockingham Home Security for a free measure and quote!

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