Alarm Systems Rockingham & Mandurah

Looking for Alarm systems Rockingham? or Alarm systems Mandurah? At Rockingham Home Security we have you covered. Alarm systems are a great way to scare off and deter burglars entering your home. Even if the alarm does not stop them entering your home be rest assured they will not stay long on your premises after they set off the siren sound. This sound alone will decrease the amount of time spent on the property as your neighbours will be alerted and maybe even you if the alarm is monitored.

We carry a range of Security Alarm systems to cover your needs for alarm systems Rockingham and Alarm systems Mandurah. Our main type of Alarm system we use is the Ademco alarm consisting of the vista family, a very trusted alarm in Perth. Vista Alarms are a cost- effective and reliable choice to protect your family, home or Business.

Each Alarm is suited to your needs, ranging from a motion sensor operated alarm to a perimeter alarm. They are designed to ensure you feel safe within your home or safe guarding your possessions while you are away. The alarm can operate with a remote control if needed for ease or with a touchpad with in your home. Another advantage with an alarm we can add smoke sensors to alert you if there is a fire within your home.

You can gain extra security by choosing to monitor your Ademco Alarm. This service comprises of a 24/7 security team which monitors your alarm for any sign of intrusion and either notifies you or if you wish a security guard firm. This service is charged quarterly to the customer. Another option is for the Alarm to call your mobile to notify you with a special ring tone that your alarm has been activated, the cost of this will be the cost of a mobile phone call.

Ademco alarm systems can either come hardwired or wireless, we will adapt the system to your home design and requirements. The Alarm systems can come with optional component such as pet sensors, remote controls, door and window sensors, shock sensors and many more components.

Whether you’re looking for an alarm system solution in the Rockingham or Mandurah area or anywhere in between, we can help you.

To make sure you get the right Alarm installed for your home or business, we can send one of our trained Alarm specialists to assess your home.