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The Top Alarm Systems Rockingham & Mandurah Homeowners Rely On

Looking for alarm systems Rockingham or alarm systems Mandurah? At Rockingham Home Security, we’ve got all your security needs covered. 

Alarm systems are a great way to scare off and deter burglars that are attempting to enter into your home. Even if your door does not stop them from entering in, they won’t be staying around long after they set off your alarm’s siren sound. This sound alone will markedly decrease the amount of time they spend on your property. Of course, your neighbours will be instantly alerted to the presence of an intruder. Furthermore, if you have a monitored alarm system, you will be too. 

We carry a range of security alarm systems to cover your needs for alarm systems Rockingham and alarm systems Mandurah. The main type of alarm system we use is the Ademco alarm, consisting of the Vista family. Indeed, this is a very trusted alarm system in Perth. 

Why Choose The Vista Series?

Vista alarms are an excellent choice for protecting your home or business. How? Well, first off, Vista control panels sport the easiest end-user interfaces to use. A touchscreen keypad will guide you every step of the way using graphics and prompts. Being clear and easy to read, all members of the family will be able to operate it with ease. 

Another great perk is their versatility. Using flexible and simplistic technology, Vista panels can cater to your specific needs. The new Vista 12 intruder panel is an especially suitable choice. This hybrid expandable control panel offers 38 zones, of which 36 can be wireless. Wireless arming/disarming is also possible, as is defining your own zone functions. 4 programmable keys are also available, which you may use for various tasks. You could program these to switch on the lights, open the garage door, or even arm the system while bypassing specific zones. 

Finally, the Vista series is worthwhile and reliable. These panels boast a range of dependable features and robust system capabilities. As such, they guarantee to provide as a solid investment to your home’s security system. 

Discover the Ideal Alarm System for Your Needs

There are a variety of alarms suited for different needs, ranging from a motion sensor operated alarm to a perimeter alarm. These are specifically designed to ensure you feel safer within your home. Moreover, they work to guard the possessions in your home whilst you are away. 

You may operate the alarm via a remote control for added ease, or from a touchpad within your home. In addition to this, you can even opt to add smoke sensors to your alarm. In this way, you will receive alerts for any potential fire hazards in your home. 

Want to gain extra security? Well, you can do this by choosing to monitor your Ademco alarm. This service comprises of a 24/7 security team which monitors your alarm for any signs of intrusion. When detecting an invasion, you can choose for it to notify you or a security guard firm. You should note that this service charges the customer quarterly. Or, you can have the alarm call your mobile to notify you of an alarm activation. This will give off a special ring tone, and will only cost as much as a regular mobile phone call. 

Ademco alarm systems can either come hardwired or wireless. Naturally, you can trust that we will adapt the system to suit your home design and requirements. Furthermore, alarm systems are also able to come with optional components. These include:

  • Pet sensors
  • Remote controls
  • Door and window sensors
  • Shock sensors 
  • and much more!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an alarm system solution in the Rockingham or Mandurah area, or anywhere in between. We can help you to find the ideal product to suit the needs of you and your property. 

We want to make sure that you get the right alarm installed for your home or business. To ensure this, we will send one of our trained alarm specialists to assess your home. Needless to say, when you’re in need of the top alarm systems Rockingham has available, you know who to call. Contact Rockingham Home Security today for more information!

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