The Lowdown on ClearShield Security Doors and Screens

ClearShield Security Doors

There are some homeowners who have always favoured the use of security doors and screens, thanks to their ability to withstand against burglar attacks, resist against the tests of time, and sometimes, even deter potential intruders all together from attempting to break into their home. Unfortunately, a lot of other homeowners out there give these security solutions a hard pass whenever they’re suggested. This is because a lot of people tend to think about dull, intimidating structures with ugly metal bars whenever they’re presented with the idea of a security door or screen on their property. 

Now, we won’t deny that there are still a number of unsightly options out there on the market. However, the great news is that you don’t have to settle for any of them. With ClearShield security doors and screens, you can provide your home with adequate protection without having to risk ruining the kerb appeal of your property. In actual fact, ClearShield doors and screens are simplistic, stylish and provide almost invisible protection for your home. So, with these products installed, you can still enjoy clear and unobstructed views out of your doors and windows whenever you have them open.  

The Benefits of ClearShield Security Doors and Screens

With ClearShield security doors and screens, you can enjoy optimum visibility out of your windows and doors, so it won’t even feel like you have screens installed over these openings. Unlike traditional woven-mesh screens, they won’t become caked in dust and dirt either, and consequently prevent you from being able to see out of doors and windows clearly.

Here are some of the key benefits of ClearShield security doors and screens: 

  • Strong & Resistant – ClearShield products have undergone extensive performance testing by NATA approved testing facilities, and have been proven to withstand against harsh elements and extreme weather conditions. They’re even suitable for use in bushfire zones, being resistant towards both intense heat and flaming debris. Of course, they also ensure to withstand against common forced entry attacks, including forceful impacts and knife attacks. 
  • A Worthwhile Investment – Being manufactured out of anti-corrosive stainless steel, ClearShield security doors and screens are the perfect investment for any homeowner, ensuring to stand strong and sturdy for an extended period of time, no matter which type of environment they’re installed in. 
  • A Breeze to Clean– ClearShield security doors and screens feature a smooth perforated stainless-steel surface, which resists the build-up of dust and is incredibly easy to clean. It’s the perfect solution for families with allergies, and it’ll always allow for the clean filtration of air entering into your home.  
  • Stylish – Their simplistic design is versatile and good-looking, making these products ideal for application on a range of different homes, no matter their style.  
  • Winner of Multiple Awards – If you needed that extra push to convince you that ClearShield is the way to go, then you should know that these products have also won multiple awards over the years, including being recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Product Innovation in 2015. 

What Are the Options Available to You?

Security Screens 

Bare windows can be a vulnerable point of entry into your home, but with ClearShield Stainless Steel Security Screens installed, you can provide your windows with the ideal level of protection they need. These durable structures guarantee to put up a strong fight against potential thieves and intruders, providing you with that peace of mind that you need. 

Emergency Exit Screens

In the event of a fire or some other dramatic situation, you’re going to need a quick and easy way to escape out of your home. Luckily, ClearShield’s Emergency Exit Screens provide families with just that, and are easily operated by releasing the escape mechanism and pushing the screen frame outward. You should know that their design is also incredibly child friendly as well. 

Security Doors

ClearShield Security Doors can be custom designed to suit any entrance into your home, whether you’re wanting a door to match with your single hinged doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, you name it. Unlike most other security doors, ClearShield Security Doors don’t require additional cross bars through the middle of the door either. With their strong and innovative design, they already meet the standards for Australian security doors. 
So, do ClearShield security doors and screens sound like the perfect add-on to your home’s doors and windows? If you’re interested in getting these top-notch security solutions, then be sure to get in touch with Rockingham Home Security today. As an authorised manufacturer of ClearShield security products, we can assist you in getting the perfect custom-made solution to fit with your doors and windows. Enquire now!

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